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Stuffed and Baked Baby Kolhapuri Aubergines

If you’re a fan of vegetarian Indian main courses that pack enough punch to trounce any meaty curry, look no further. These gorgeous aubergines might be small but the smooth-as-velvet sauce and filling make it an unforgettable veggie curry you’ll want to make over and over again. Stuffed with rich coconut, pistachios and paneer before …

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Slow Cooker Aubergine Makhani

Slow Cooker Aubergine Makhani. Beautiful, butter-soft aubergines in a rich makhani sauce. This velvety-smooth curry is perfect with rice and fluffy naan. Slow Cooker Aubergine Makhani: The ultimate vegetarian curry I adore my slow cooker. I use it for Keema Pau Bhaji, Vegetable Kurma, Daal Makhani, this Aubergine Makhani and more. The basis my sauce …

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Melt-in-the-Mouth Burnt Aubergine and Spinach Curry

I live and breathe Gujarati food. They are simple vegetarian dishes I eat every evening, and have done since I was young. Burnt Aubergine and Spinach Curry (Oroh) was one of those dishes mum would cook as a midweek dinner after our evening swim at our local leisure centre. What is Oroh? Oroh is simply …

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Gujarati Ravaiya (Stuffed Aubergine Curry)

Gujarati Ravaiya (Stuffed Aubergine Curry) is a true vegan comfort meal from western India. Stuff baby aubergines with a spicy peanut masala for Gujarati grandma vibes. Serve with hot phulka rotli and a simple onion and tomato salad. A glass of salted Chaas (buttermilk drink) if you’re feeling fancy. Why is it that vegetables are …

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Mashed Aubergine and Green Pea Curry

Traditional Gujarati cuisine is about simple ingredients paired with simple flavours. This is not a traditional Gujarati dish, however. Yes, I tweaked it and I’m not even sorry. It grew out of my love of the wonderful aubergine dish ‘oroh’, a.k.a ‘baingan bharta’. Almost every Indian region has its own version of this recipe and …

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