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Green banana

The Meatless Seekh Kebab

The ultimate Meatless Seekh Kebab recipe with green bananas & chickpeas. Oven bake or cook over a barbecue for amazing, smoky tandoori flavours. 100% vegan! I promise you won’t miss the meat with these juicy, hearty kebabs. They taste superb with salad, naan and your favourite dips and chutneys. The ultimate vegan barbecue dish This …

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Ugandan Matoke (Spicy Green Banana Mash)

My eyes light up whenever I see a bunch of little green bananas in my local market. It means Ugandan Matoke (Spicy Green Banana Mash) is on the menu! They’re not the regular unripe green bananas we eat every day. They’re Matoke; A staple carbohydrate loved by millions across East Africa and Uganda in particular. …

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