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Srikhand Spice Lamingtons

srikhand spice lamingtons

(For Mr. P’s Re-Inventing the Lamington)

Oh I’m late, late, late! I was meaning to do this post a couple of days ago but everything has been so last minute recently! I had some crazy, crazy ideas for this competition and they just all flew out of the window, mostly because they were bending all of the rules of ‘Lamingtonity’ (obviously, the religion of Lamingtons- A neologism if you will).

In the end I decided on these simple Srikhand Spice Lamingtons; Srikhand being spiced, sweet Indian yogurt usually eaten as a dessert. Making Srikhand is so easy; plain yogurt is hung for a day in a piece of cheesecloth in order for the water to drain away (almost like gorgeous Greek yogurt). Then it’s beaten with icing sugar and spiced with saffron, cardamom and mace. Nothing Lamington-y about that, huh? Well now there is. I used the Srikhand to fill the Lamington and also give it a delicate, but not overpowering spice kick. The cake part is just my basic eggless sponge recipe (minus the coconut) flavoured with 1 tbsp of clear honey. This Lamington is coated in milk chocolate spiced with ground cardamom, then covered in flaked pistachios. Simple.

srikhand spice lamingtons 2

Once again, I must love you and leave you for I am on the verge of rambling and I have already coined too many new and confusing words in this post.

Neologisms+Sleepy Gossip=A long, meandering night!

Spiced Sweetdreams, World x


Delicious Update: You can check out Mr. P’s Round-Up for Re-Inventing the Lamington here. Drool over all of the gorgeous entries and do vote for your favourite!

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Saturday 1st of May 2010

That picture made my mouth melt!


Tuesday 2nd of February 2010

Nice post.The Lamingtons look absolutely delicious.


Monday 1st of February 2010

So Pretty.Love the chocolate and pistachios together :D

Conor @ HoldtheBeef

Monday 1st of February 2010

Wow!! I LOVE this take on the lamington, it's really interesting. Would love to try a bite or two or fifty :D


Saturday 30th of January 2010

Just a different class of lamingtons! Looks beautiful! Never seen such a nice one...well coated with a healthy note to it. Thanks for sharing, Sanjana. Have a lovely weekend.