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Eggless Saffron and Lemon Shrikhand Doughnuts

Saffron and Lemon Shrikhand Doughnuts

Just a speedy note before I round up all of the dishes from our Mughlai season this weekend (for your eating pleasure). This is going to include all of the royal-inspired recipes plus more, so stick around for some really yummy dishes so you can create a banquet fit for kings and queens.

Yesterday, a KO Rasoi recipe for Saffron and Lemon Shrikhand Doughnuts was featured in the Food Network UK Month of Doughnuts calendar in support of National Doughnut Week (7th-14th May). In addition to this, the recipe also went out in their fabulous food newsletter which you can sign up to here: Sign up to the Food Network UK newsletter in order to get my new Food Network UK recipes delivered to your inbox fresh from the kitchen.

I thought I would join in the fun and go dough-nuts too – and so my recipe for Lemon and Saffron Shrikhand Doughnuts was born. Please visit the site to take a peek at how I created this recipe and as always, have a go yourself. They’re super easy eggless doughnuts flavoured with saffron and lemon, rolled in sugar and crushed pistachios (and a little edible glitter if you’re feeling glam, then piped with creamy pistachio and cardamom shrikhand (spiced sweet Indian yogurt).

I’d love you forever if you also took a second to have a look at my new chef page. It contains some extra info about myself, KO Rasoi and my bespoke recipes for Food Network UK (whether or not you’re interested in that kind of thing is another matter entirely!)

Have a ball going dough-nuts too!

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Tuesday 6th of March 2012

What a creative recipe! I love your presentation and recipes! These look absolutely adorable!


Monday 14th of November 2011

Sanjana your new site looks so beautiful!!!! Love it. And the Food Network think is super - congrats, lovely!


Saturday 5th of November 2011

love this one ............


Friday 4th of November 2011

wow awesome combo and very nice new and innovative it!

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