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White Chocolate & Raspberry Kheer

White Chocolate & Raspberry Kheer is an Indian-style rice pudding with spices, juicy berries and luxurious chocolate shavings. What is Kheer? A bowl of kheer is like a comfort blanket for any Indian. Hot or cold, the spice-speckled milky rice is thinner and more flavoursome than the mass of bland rice pudding that enriches memories …

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Salted Hot Chocolate & Almond Muffins

Tall, dark & handsome vegan Salted Hot Chocolate & Almond Muffins… you’re looking hella fine! Studded with dark chocolate chips and topped with a crunchy almond hot chocolate crown, this is a muffin for serious chocolate lovers. Question: When a muffin is packing this much chocolate, can it still legitimately be considered breakfast? The secret …

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Vegan Pistachio & Vanilla Salt Cookies

I consider these Vegan Pistachio & Vanilla Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies my greatest contribution to society so far. They’re… VEGAN NO SPECIAL FLOURS ZERO COCONUT OIL NO FLAXSEEDS, CHIA SEEDS, BANANAS OR APPLESAUCE FREE FROM COMMERCIAL EGG REPLACERS These vegan cookies spread beautifully. This is thanks to @sarah_kieffer and her revolutionary #bangonapan pan-banging technique. Finally, …

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Indian-Inspired Rocky Road

Indian-Inspired Rocky Road! When special occasions are fast approaching and I’ve run out of time to whip up something sweet, it’s quick and simple Rocky Road to the rescue! What’s in this Indian-Inspired Rocky Road? Truffle-like chocolate studded with pistachios, almonds, dried mango, crystallised ginger, Turkish delight, mini marshmallows and spiced shortbread biscuits. Dried rose …

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Cookie Dough Chocolate Burfi

Ask any Indian to name their favourite sweets and I’m certain burfi will be on the list. This melt-in-the-mouth fudge is made with milk powder and condensed milk, and can be flavoured with pretty much anything that takes your fancy. Coconut, pistachio, rose, saffron, cardamom and chocolate are firm faves, with chocolate topping the list …

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Sweet and Salty Chevdo Chocolate Chip Cookies

At first, I thought this might be it; the moment I’d officially lost the plot. I was ready to bring two of my favourite things closer than they’ve ever been. Turns out I haven’t gone insane. It worked. So, I united chevdo and chocolate chip cookies and their baby turned out to be a goddamn champion. Imagine …

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